The School Canteen Accreditation Program is unique in that it promotes both best practice for canteen management and a whole school approach to healthy eating. This approach provides assurance to the wider school community that the school canteen is operating efficiently, safely and according to the school’s values.

The Canteen Accreditation Program also responds to the nutritional needs of Tasmanian children and adolescents. It encourages canteen menus that offer ‘everyday’ food and drinks from the five food groups as described in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (2013). The Program utilises a simple “traffic light” system of GREEN, AMBER and RED foods.

Canteens can aim for one of three levels of accreditation as listed below.

– Gold

– Silver

– Bronze

donut graphic.png 2

The Canteen Accreditation Program covers four areas:

– Healthy Eating/ Canteen Policy and Canteen Procedures

– Food Safety

– Food and Drinks on the Canteen Menu

– Linking the Whole School Approach to Healthy Eating